Friday, November 7, 2008


My eyes search yours
For a sign of recognition
Of acceptance.

What I find is an echo
Of my hesitant desires
My quiet melancholy.

Time passes by, I wait
For you to register my presence
But you are too distant to return.

What is it that you are so lost in?
Happier times, easier times
Lost love, lost life.

Within you, you look for peace
Shy away from the world that you hate
Is that the answer to my pains too, I wonder ..

You push me away, far away
Say your life has no place for me
Take me in, I say. Let me heal you.

Words refuse to express my emotions
All I have with you are meaningless conversations
Pain and more pain, where is my redemption ?

Bring me back to life, I crave for it
Dont flinch when I reach out to you
Take my hand .. Untangle me >.>

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